Remember the eight-month-old who rocked his "Vulgar Display of Cuteness" drum set to play Pantera's '5 Minutes Alone' on YouTube? He's already been called up to the big leagues, as little Wyatt took his act to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Wyatt, who is now nine months old, was invited to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' for a round of 'Can They Do It Live?' After showing the original clip, Kimmel gave the spotlight to Wyatt and his Dad so the two could crush the Pantera classic. Wyatt's old kit made of cans and plastic tops was replaced with a pint-sized kit that's as bad ass as it is cute.

Funnily enough, Wyatt proved he could perform live, even though his makeshift bandmates didn't actually play their instruments.

In a new video released to TMZ, Pantera / Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul shared his admiration for Wyatt. Paul even took it upon himself to send Wyatt and his family a $400 ddrum D1 starter kit so the little hellraiser could step up once again from makeshift kit to to real deal.

Check out Wyatt's awesome appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' above.

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