Get ready to mosh your diapers off, folks. We present to you: Niko, the youngest deathcore frontman, or should we say frontbaby, performing his cover of Thy Art is Murder’s track ‘Whore to a Chainsaw.’ You can watch the short clip above.

The video is a new one, having only been posted to YouTube late last month, so you have a chance to join Team Niko before the bandwagon forms. We’re just hoping that Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon has his resume up to date because his job is in serious jeopardy!

‘Whore to a Chainsaw’ is off of Thy Art is Murder’s 2008 EP ‘Infinite Death.’ Following that effort, the Australian outfit released two full length albums, ‘The Adversary’ in 2010 and ‘Hate’ in 2012. The currently have a couple of January gigs lined up in Australia.

Video Highlights from Niko:

:07 -- Intense microphone banging!
:14 -- Trying to eat the microphone and great use of saliva!
:31 -- His big finish, which includes the microphone being smashed to the ground!

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