After his controversial dismissal from Thy Art is Murder in 2023, singer CJ McMahon has launched a new career ... in the real estate industry.

The vocalist posted about his new venture on Instagram, posting a photo of himself and his partner in a white shirt and blue-striped tie sporting a significantly cleaner look than he did while fronting Thy Art Is Murder.

"Let’s fucking go @stevearentz the future is looking very bright for @cjmcmahon_realestate," remarked the singer on his posting that can be seen below.

Why Was CJ McMahon Dismissed From Thy Art Is Murder?

In August of 2023, McMahon deactivated his social media after he purportedly shared an anti-trans comment on another account, in the process showing his support for what had been said.

The post in question was shared by right wing political commentator Matt Walsh was a video in which a mother asks her young child if they are a boy or a girl and unconditionally accepts the child's answer. At the time, the singer suggested on social media that the mother in the video "should be burned to death."

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After ensuing backlash followed, the musician announced his exit from social media and the band issued their own statement expressing their support for transgender rights. McMahon then followed with an apology video that has since been removed.

Then, in September of 2023, Thy Art Is Murder issued their Godlike album but with a different vocalist replacing McMahon on the record. In the process, they announced their split with the singer who was apparently caught off guard by the announcement.

In addressing the split, McMahon revealed that he was "forced" to make the apology video and that he had found out about his dismissal by reading about it online. He later added  that there was a second video that hadn't been shared by the group that offered an apology to those offended, but didn't back off his opinion.

What Happened After McMahon's Dismissal?

Thy Art Is Murder released their Godlike album with Aversion Crown's Tyler Miller taking over on lead vocals. The album's release had to be delayed a week as the band needed the time to have Miller replace all the vocal tracks that had initially been recorded by McMahon.

The group then proceeded to tour in support of the album, but received significant backlash over how they handled McMahon's departure.

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