Deathcore powerhouse Thy Art Is Murder have officially unveiled Aversions Crown's Tyler Miller as the replacement vocalist for CJ McMahon, who was fired from the band last week.

With the release of their new album Godlike, which dropped on Sept. 22, the Australian group announced they had parted ways with longtime vocalist McMahon after his controversial anti-trans remarks over the summer. The album's release was delayed by one week and it later came to light that the postponement afforded the group time to have Miller replace all of McMahon's vocal tracks.

They left the identity of this new vocalist a mystery until last night (Sept. 27), where Thy Art Is Murder elected to introduce Miller onstage in Germany at their first show in support of Godlike.

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Who Is Tyler Miller?

Tyler Miller is a 33-year-old vocalist. He joined Tennessee deathcore group The Guild in 2015 and, in 2019, he replaced Mark Poida in Australian technical deathcore band Aversions Crown. Miller made his studio debut with the latter on 2020's Hell Will Come For Us All.

Thy Art Is Murder and Aversions Crown have toured together in the past, adding some more familiarity.

Why Did Thy Art Is Murder Fire CJ McMahon?

In August, McMahon deactivated his social media accounts (which he returned to weeks later) following backlash over an anti-trans comment he left on an Instagram post.

It was reported that the vocalist re-shared a video by right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh, which shows a mother asking her young child if they are a boy or a girl and accepts the answer of "both" which was provided by the child. In re-sharing the clip, McMahon added a comment stating that the mother "should be burned to death."

Shortly after, Thy Art Is Murder shared a trans flag in support of the community, stating, "Setting the record straight, we stand with you." McMahon also issued an apology.

One month later, the band released Godlike and informed fans through a statement that McMahon was no longer in the band and that he had been replaced on the album.

What Has CJ McMahon Said in Response?

McMahon says he learned he was no longer in Thy Art Is Murder via the social media statement that was released.

After processing the news, the vocalist came forward, claiming he was forced to make the initial apology and that he previously "told the band to fire me as I didn't want to apologize as I didn't have anything to apologize for."

He offered additional commentary on transgender children and teenagers.

Read more here or watch his video below.

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