Thy Art Is Murder have made a post on social media saying they're "setting the record straight" regarding their support for transgender rights after CJ McMahon, Thy Art Is Murder's lead vocalist, reportedly shared anti-trans content on Instagram along with his support for it.

The image in Thy Art Is Murder's Instagram response Wednesday (Aug. 23) displays the transgender flag. The accompanying text reads, "Setting the record straight, we stand with you." It is also appended by the emoji for the transgender flag.

Days earlier, McMahon had seemingly deactivated or deleted his Instagram after facing online backlash for his apparent anti-trans message.

Thy Art Is Murder Post - Aug. 23, 2023

As reported by MetalSucks on Monday (Aug. 21), McMahon had posted a video shared by right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh in a which a mother asks her young child if they are a boy or a girl and accepts the child's answer regardless, with the exchange portrayed in a negative light.

McMahon reportedly re-shared it, adding his own comment stating that the mother in the video "should be burned to death," as Lambgoat echoed.

The re-post and his remark are no longer available, but followers captured screenshots of McMahon's goodbye message and other comments.

CJ McMahon Screenshots

McMahon explained he was leaving social media "for good" and would only engage in it for activities related to Thy Art Is Murder.

"I am going off social media for good," McMahon wrote in his seeming final Instagram post.

"I will only post band related things on here and will not be contactable," the Thy Art Is Murder vocalist added. "I will start an only fans with my own content and no it will not be nudes or sexual soon."

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