Motley Crue singer Vince Neil will be featured as a special guest judge on the new TV show Banded: The Musician Competition.

How does the competition work?

Banded: The Musician Competition places 25 individual songwriters into teams — bands — who will then work with other songwriters and producers who are tasked with coaching each five-piece group. They'll each work to write original music and one winner will earn a record contract.

The five multi-genre bands will have an opportunity to work with some genuine stars of the industry, including Grammy-winners and nominees. Viewers can expect to see Wendy Starland, the Songwriters Hall of Fame honoree who discovered and developed the career of pop superstar Lady Gaga in addition to Paul Ebersold, Steve Diamond, Justin Wilson and Dave Pahanish.

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Who are the bands?

The five Season 1 bands are Mono Khromatix, Starland, Silence the Static, Honeysuckle Rose and Gambler in the Neon.

Who is hosting and judging?

The show will be hosted by Brand Jenner alongside co-host Did Benami.

The judges' panel includes Mark Schulman, DJ Swivel and Diarra Sylla.

Neil will be one of the many guest judges, along with Kip Winger, country star Steve Azar and Warped Tour promoter Kevin Lyman.

When does Banded: The Musician Competition air on TV?

Catch the first episode on May 13 on AXS TV at 9PM ET and, in Canada, viewers can tune in exclusively on GameTV each Saturday at 7PM ET starting July 8.

The season will be comprised of eight total episodes — six hour-long episodes and a 90-minute premiere and finale.

Visit the Banded website for additional information.

Banded: The Music Competition Trailer

Catch Motley Crue on tour

Motley Crue's world tour continues and you can view all upcoming dates here. For tickets, visit this location.

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