Nobody wants to see a fan get injured in the pit, especially the band performing. When things get a little too crazy, musicians often step in, stopping their shows entirely to keep the peace.

One video that’s been making the rounds lately is of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain stopping a sexual assault. While performing his cover of “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam,” Cobain suddenly sat up and ran to the front of the barricade. After sitting back down, Kurt said, “Coppin’ a feel, ay buddy?” before bassist Krist Novoselic joined in to publicly humiliate the man.

One harrowing example happened at a Chevelle show, with one fan actually getting pepper sprayed by security. Frontman Pete Loeffler stopped performing to take care of the fan, attempting to talk down the security guard and explaining that physicality at rock shows isn’t necessarily violence. “They’re just having fun, man. Really,” Loeffler implored.

At a 2001 show in London, Linkin Park stopped their set to help a fan who fell in the pit. Mike Shinoda was the first to notice, calling off a song, while Chester Bennington pointed to the fan in need and demanded the crowd “pick ‘em up!” Bennington went on to impart one of the cardinal rules of shows — if someone falls, you pick them back up.

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