The second episode of Two Minutes to Late Night is upon us! This time around, Baroness frontman John Baizley guests along with special appearances by Megadeth legend Marty Friedman and Body Count’s Ice-T!

Two Minutes to Late Night won over the metal community in its first episode, bringing us guests, games and most importantly, the weather from Glenn Danzig’s house. It’s been almost a year since late night’s most frostbitten talk show hit YouTube, and thank the dark lord episode two has arrived!

John Baizley conducted his first interview since losing out on a Grammy Award to Megadeth at this year’s ceremony. “It’s pretty bulls—t,” Baizley said of his Grammys experience, noting how awesome it was to hear the Grammy house band play a Metallica song as Megadeth walked the aisle to accept their award. Baizley also ranked his least favorite interview questions and took part in a game show guessing the prices of the world’s worst rock-based products.

Ice-T made an appearance near the end of Two Minutes to Late Night’s second episode, all because we idiotically mentioned the show in his presence. Ice immediately began insulting the program while our cameras were rolling, threatening to kill everyone involved the next time Body Count rolls into town. Naturally, we sent over the footage.

The show ends with a loving tribute to Prince as TMTLN house band Mutoid Man and John Baizley perform a rendition of “Purple Rain.” Watch the new episode of Two Minutes to Late Night above!

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