Forget the color scheme! We're now onto something a little more substantial in feel as Baroness recently issued their new album Stone, starting off a new chapter for the veteran band. It's an outstanding record and Loudwire Nights wants to make sure you have a signed vinyl copy from the group as our latest entry in the Loudwire Record Club.

"This is almost entirely a self-made, self-directed release. The fact that we've gotten ourselves together, the fact that our lineup is stable now for the first time in our history and we've put so much hard work and care into this release, I couldn't be more excited," singer John Baizley recently told Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong.

A trust in all of the band members led to something special, says Baizley, commenting that he felt an "indefinable" and "mysterious presence" in the room as they worked out the album.

"I think it's what religious people feel. You know, that presence in the room, that omniscient surrounding force. I assume that's what it feels like because the ecstasy that I get from playing this music is no different seemingly."

You can hear the full chat below.

But, the time has come to give away some cool vinyl. For this contest, there will be one winner of the signed Baroness vinyl, while two other entrants will received a standard vinyl copy of the new Stone album. You just need to enter your details in the entry box provided below to get in on the possibility of taking home one of these Baroness vinyls by this Friday (Sept. 29) at 10AM ET.

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