It’s been too long since Baroness released a new album. Almost three years has passed since “Chlorine & Wine” was revealed as the first single from Purple, and with longtime guitarist / composer Pete Adams gone, frontman John Baizley told us what’s next for Baroness.

Here’s the most important revelation: the next Baroness album has been written and the band has tracked in the studio. Baizley wouldn’t give up too much information, other than to say that Baroness are in the mixing/mastering process and the new record will break from tradition, not being named for a color.

This will be Baroness’ first with guitarist Gina Gleason, who has performed live with Cirque du Soleil, the Smashing Pumpkins, Carlos Santana and Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small. Gleason will have a heavy creative hand in the band’s fifth full-length and Baizley made sure to brush off any misinterpretations of Gleason as a session guitarist for Baroness.

“I would never fucking do that in my life,” Baizley says about nabbing a hired gun. “The whole reason I started this band was to do something personal and direct and immediate and something to allow me to express myself … More so, maybe, than any other record, there is a very discernible amount of character from each of the four contributing musicians.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Baroness’ John Baizley in the clip above.

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