Beartooth joined Warped Tour's final cross-country run for a handful of dates last week, which ended at the Chicago stop in Tinley Park. Frontman Caleb Shomo took time before their closing song to say a few words about what the tour has meant to him. "I really don't want to start this next song, because that means that's the last song I'm ever gonna play on fuckin' Warped Tour," he said. "And that's a tough fuckin' pill to swallow."

"First off, thank you so much for fucking coming to the Vans Warped Tour," he continued. "Thank you so much for supporting Beartooth and coming to our set. I just wanna let you know what this tour has done for me: [it] has made me the man I am today. It has made me learn that everybody is fucking different and that is absolutely beautiful."

A few moments later he began getting choked up. "Thank you all so fucking much," he said through tears. "To Kate, Lisa, Kevin - I know I'm leaving out a million people - you know who you are. Thank you for giving me the life that I have. This tour means everything to me and it always fucking will." You can watch a fan-filmed video of the emotional moment below.

Shomo played his first Warped Tour while he was in his mid-teens. He played keyboards and sang in the electronicore band Attack Attack!. After departing from the group near the end of 2012, Shomo formed Beartooth in 2013. Their third full-length album, Disease, is due out on Sept. 28 via Red Bull Records. (Pre-orders are on sale now.)

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