Beartooth are known for having immense energy and a powerful live performance, but sometimes it's refreshing for artists to take a step back and strip things down. Caleb Shomo and company paid a visit to Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tenn. to reimagine four Disease tracks, including "Clever," in a country-folk inspired acoustic manner.

"When the idea came up to do acoustic sessions, immediately my mind went to family holidays — constantly surrounded by singing old hymns and harmonies on harmonies. The idea of taking Beartooth in a direction of my first musical moments in life felt right," Shomo explains of the experience.

This reworked version of "Clever" features a string section, slide guitars and soothing background vocals.

"This is 100 percent live. No metronome, minimal rehearsal, just a bunch of musicians who love what they do getting in a room and going for it. If you want to see and hear Beartooth stripped down to one of its rawest and most emotional forms, please enjoy."

Listen to "Clever" below.

In addition to "Clever," Beartooth also recorded acoustic versions of "Disease," "You Never Know" and "Afterall." The tracks will be released as an EP titled The Blackbird Session Sept. 13 on Red Bull Records. Blackbird Studio owner John McBride guest engineered on the EP and is a renowned producer, having worked with country artists including Garth Brooks and Martina McBride.

Beartooth, "Clever" [The Blackbird Session]

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