UPDATE: The music video for Beartooth's "Devastation" is now available. Check it out in the player toward the bottom of the page.

Beartooth spent last year working on a new record and now they've just dropped the explosive "Devastation," their first new single of 2021.

Bursting with style, substance and flair, "Devastation" discharges a stomping, thrashy opening riff that's bound to be stuck in your head for weeks, or at least until Beartooth release another new track off their forthcoming record.

It's an all-out scream-along with hooks present in just about every moment of the song's three-minute-and-40-seconds run time, seesawing between fiery, bobbing energy and pounding rhythmic breakdowns.

In June of last year, frontman and chief creative force Caleb Shomo told Knotfest's 'Mosh Talks With Beez,' “This [new album] is just jacked. Everything is amped up to 11. I am so, so pumped. Obviously, this is what you wanna think when you’re making a record, but damn, this is the best one yet. Not even close. This is the heaviest record. This is my best work – the most proud I’ve been of these songs. It’s wild. It’s some heavy-duty shit."

He also likened the group's last record, 2018's Disease to AC/DC while the new one is more like Black Sabbath.

"It’s a lot more influenced in dark stoner rock, heavy power groove," Shomo continued. "Obviously, there’s still a lot of fast [stuff] and some punk rock and all that, but I’ve really been exploring with the stoner metal side of guitars and guitar tones and doing different tunings and lots of fuzz and chaos and layering the fuck out of my guitar tracks."

Listen to "Devastation" at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below. More details about new Beartooth material is expected to be coming in the near future.

Beartooth, "Devastation" Lyrics

Cathartic, lethargic
I’m sealed inside these walls

Ecstatic, emphatic
I’ve finally got it all

Feeding like a parasite
Visions from the other side
Hoping for another try
Explaining why I die

There’s something in the water
It washed away my pain
I lost all of my power
There’s nothing left to gain
It’s the energy fading away from me
Belittled Entangled
There’s nothing I can do
Berated, uutdated
I’ll never be renewed
Overrated, out of time
Never gaining peace of mind

Caught without an alibi
Explaining why I die
I’ll end the same
Let time explain I’m such a waste
You will feel my pain
Devastation will reign

Beartooth, "Devastation"



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