What’s the best Alice in Chains song? That’s what we want to find out from you in this week’s Loudwire Nights Artist of the Week poll!

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This week we're focusing on one of the most influential bands to come out of the Pacific Northwest, Alice in Chains, who not only dominated the first half of the 1990s with their Seattle comrades, but still remain a powerful force today.

Alice in Chains' 1990 debut album Facelift was actually the first album of the — dare we say — "grunge" era to land in the Top 50 of the Billboard 200. Of course, 1992's Dirt was a massive commercial success, but it was their Jar of Flies EP that earned them another feat as it was the first EP to hit No. 1 on the albums chart.

Though frontman Layne Staley's tragic death in 2002 seemed to spell the end of the band for good, Alice in Chains were resurrected seven years later with the album Black Gives Way to Blue, featuring new singer William DuVall. They also released The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here in 2013, and Rainier Fog in 2018.

We haven't heard anything regarding new Alice material as of late, but the two "eras" of the band give fans plenty to listen to in the meantime. Head below to vote for your favorite Alice in Chains song and tune into Loudwire Nights next Monday at 7PM ET to find out which three tracks prevailed.

Tune in tonight to hear which three Disturbed songs you voted the best!

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