Bassists often don't get the attention they deserve, but anyone who has been in a band will tell you the low end isn't complete without the thick strings.

These bassists accomplished much in 2014, not only due to their band's successes, but due to their instrumental prowess. Great bass playing isn't always about technicality, so we've got a great lists of bassists who both keep things simple -- yet powerful -- and wonderfully complex.

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  • Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

    Spiros 'Seth' Antoniou


    Septicflesh's Spiros 'Seth' Antoniou possibly recorded the most demonic gutturals vocals put to tape in 2014, but his bass playing throughout 'Titan' is notable as well. Septicflesh are all about providing a concrete foundation for the Prague Philharmonic's epic musicianship, and as many musicians would agree, the bass is perhaps the most important instrument in chaining down that solid foundation.

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Dean Bernardini


    Chevelle's 'La Gargola' album was one of 2014's most critically acclaimed rock records. Part of Chevelle's success comes thanks to bassist Dean Bernardini, whose low-end on tracks like 'Take Out the Gunman' and 'Hunter Eats Hunter' helped make them standout cuts.

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Todd Kerns


    Slash isn't the only instrumental star in his current band. Todd Kerns, a member of the Conspirators, boasted his own chops on 2014's 'World on Fire.' Kerns also provides backing vocals for singing juggernaut Myles Kennedy.

  • Photo by Horst Friedrichs

    Mike Kerr

    Royal Blood

    Royal Blood exploded into the rock world with their self-titled debut in 2014. Bassist Mike Kerr also takes on vocal duties for the duo, spearheading the 'Royal Blood' album, which is the fastest-selling British rock album in the last three years within the U.K.

  • Season of Mist

    Sean Malone


    Cynic perhaps cemented themselves as metal's greatest three-piece of 2014 with the release of 'Kindly Bent to Free Us.' Showcasing elite musicianship, as always, bassist Sean Malone bounces around Paul Masvidal's guitar throughout the 2014 album with a vintage prog tone.

  • Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

    Martin Mendez


    Since 1997, Martin Mendez has held bass duties for Opeth. Having progressed through many stylistic changes, Mendez's latest shift can be heard on 2014's 'Pale Communion.' With Opeth exploring a softer prog sound, this gave Mendez room to roam the spectrum below softer instrumental work.

  • James Stafford, Loudwire

    Troy Sanders


    Mastodon's Troy Sanders is most well-known for his vocals for the Southern act, but his bass playing is widely underrated. Throughout the band's 2014 album, 'Once More 'Round the Sun,' Sanders holds down the low end, sometimes following the band's fantastic guitar leads when not grounding Mastodon's sound with his own deep licks.

  • Kathy Flynn,

    Nikki Sixx

    Motley Crue / Sixx: A.M.

    Nikki Sixx had quite a 2014, releasing the new album 'Modern Vintage' with Sixx: A.M. The veteran rocker also embarked on the first leg of Motley Crue's 'Final Tour,' which conquered North America from July to November and grossed over $25 million in ticket sales.

  • Kathy Flynn,

    Alex Webster

    Cannibal Corpse

    How could we make any bassist list without Cannibal Corpse phenom Alex Webster? One of the most technical players in death metal, Webster brought his A-game to 2014's 'A Skeletal Domain.' Webster's work is noticeably high in the album's mix, and as fans, we give thanks.

  • Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

    Tomasz 'Orion' Wroblewski


    Behemoth's 2014 album, 'The Satanist,' succeeds in every way, thanks in part to bassist Tomasz 'Orion' Wroblewski. With the rest of Behemoth, Orion's playing is ferocious and sinister, perhaps most notably on 'Amen' and 'O Father O Satan O Sun!".