Throughout their career, Bring Me the Horizon have continuously expanded their musical boundaries. The UK act's most recent album, 'Sempiternal,' which came out in April 2013, completely changed the band’s status in the metal scene and thoroughly exhibited their ability to write incredibly compelling music.

Over time, frontman Oliver Sykes has added melodic clean vocals to his deep guttural growls. The band has also gradually focused less on the brutality of the breakdown by paying much more attention to song structure and musical composition. With each album, Bring Me the Horizon have taken another giant step forward in their musical legacy. Here, we present our list of the 10 Best Bring Me the Horizon Songs:

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    'Suicide Season'

    From: 'Suicide Season' (2008)

    The title track of Bring Me the Horizon’s second studio album marked a significant step towards the band's more expressive and emotional material. In ‘Suicide Season,’ their signature chugs and breakdowns were replaced with melodic phrases and synths. You could detect a longing tone from chant, "If only sorrow could build a staircase / Or tears could show the way / I would climb my way to Heaven / And bring him back home again." ‘Suicide Season’ displayed the band’s ability to write more intimate songs that fans could relate to.

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    'Don't Go'

    From: 'There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret.' (2010)

    Opening up with a yearning violin solo and dotted with angelic vocals from guest singer Lights, ‘Don’t Go’ continued to further push Bring Me the Horizon’s stylistic boundaries. The gripping track is lined with an overwhelming sense of insatiable hunger and desire. Light melodies slowly crescendo into a riveting climax with a steady drum beat in the background, seemingly mimicking a heart beating. ‘Don’t Go’ is unquestionably one of the band’s most unique tracks, as well as one of the most delicate.

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    'Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake'

    From: 'Sempiternal' (2013)

    ‘Sempiternal’ is without a doubt Bring Me the Horizon’s best work thus far. On this album, Oliver Sykes blows fans away with an unforgettable vocal delivery. ‘Go to Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ is a faultless representation of how the band has evolved over the past decade. Adding Jordan Fish on synth helped take ‘Sempiternal’ to new heights for the band. Sykes’ hardcore/metalcore vocals paired with a kinetic chorus give this song momentum, as 'Go To Hell' became the breakout song for the band on U.S. radio.

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    'It Never Ends'

    From: 'There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret.' (2010)

    ‘There Is a Hell ...’ is perhaps Bring Me the Horizon’s most intimate album. ‘It Never Ends’ tells Oliver Sykes’ story of dealing with his personal life and fame. The vocalist screams, "You said this is suicide / I said this is a war / And I'm losing the battle," alluding to the difficult time in his life where he felt his demons were overwhelming and ultimately incapacitating him. A choir and a string section add a dark ambiance to the sinister message of this tune.

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    'Can You Feel My Heart'

    From: 'Sempiternal' (2013)

    This track, being the opener of ‘Sempiternal,’ is the introduction of Bring Me the Horizon’s new sound for many listeners. The song begins with an electronic intro paired with the drums, which mimic a heart beating. It progresses into a blast of explosive musical phrases from the full band, along with the new synth. The unique bridge of ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ is particularly special because of Oliver Sykes’ new clean vocals.

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    Diamonds Aren't Forever

    From: 'Suicide Season' (2008)

    The spoken introduction of ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever' is one of Bring Me the Horizon’s classic bold hooks that compels you to yell along. This stimulating line, "We will never sleep, ‘cause sleep is for the weak / And we will never rest till we’re all f---ing dead" repeats through the beginning of the song and segues into a classic fast verse that will thrash you out. Subsequently, we are hit with a great BMTH breakdown, which will never get old.

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    'Pray for Plagues'

    From: 'Count Your Blessings' (2006)

    ‘Pray for Plagues’ was Bring Me the Horizon’s initial ticket to fame. Sykes’ vocals paired with fast guitar riffs, blast beats, and chugging breakdowns made ‘Count Your Blessings’ heavier than any other album, this song being an ideal representation of the disc. Interestingly enough, the track has harmonized vocals, so it features both Sykes’ chilling highs and abysmal lows. Years of stylistic changes have made this song foreign to some extent, but it is still one of Bring Me the Horizon’s most timeless tracks.

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    From: 'Sempiternal' (2013)

    'Sleepwalking' is among the top tunes on this list because it shows the outstanding musicianship that Bring Me the Horizon have developed. The song opens up with an electronic melody which evolves into a powerful minor chord progression, paired with Sykes’ perfectly executed vocals. The entirety of 'Sempiternal' speaks to fans through Sykes’ vocals, which are laced with raw emotion and a sense of tenderness. In 'Sleepwalking,' you can also catch some nu metal influence, especially during the chorus.

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    'Chelsea Smile'

    From: 'Suicide Season' (2008)

    Let’s start with the fact that the intro of this song, "I've got a secret. It's on the tip of my tongue, it's on the back of my lungs. And I'm gonna keep it. I know something you don't know" is one of the most well-known hooks in all of metalcore. This first single off of their second album presented a different sound of Bring Me the Horizon to anxious fans, revealing a more melodic approach, and not as much of a deathcore repetitiousness.

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    'Shadow Moses'

    From: 'Sempiternal' (2013)

    The groundbreaking 'Sempiternal' song 'Shadow Moses' revolutionized not only Bring Me the Horizon’s reputation in metalcore, but the genre itself. The song has a combination of characteristics from all of the band’s preceding albums, as well as a taste of Sykes’ new vocal style. In addition to featuring an infectious sing-along chorus, the energetic and fast paced verses lead you into an earth shattering breakdown, "This is sempiternal," bringing back the in your face attitude that made fans fall in love with Bring Me the Horizon from the very beginning.

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