Finland is often regarded as the most metal country on the planet. It isn't uncommon to hear metal played on the radio alongside more standard pop acts. Even extreme metal is well within the consciousness of the country's denizens, making it one of the most hospitable places for all breeds of heavy metal to emerge and enjoy prominent success.

When the country latched onto the early extreme metal scene, it churned out savage death metal that had weightier tones than anything coming from the genre's pockets elsewhere in the world. That low rumbling is a hallmark of so many groups, even long after they divorced themselves from their more barbaric beginnings. Others, mainly on the power metal side, demonstrated precision guitar and keyboard work, often coming from a strong classical background.

Plenty of mainstream ideas can be heard in several Finnish metal acts, though they convincingly still fall in the metal realm despite these more amicable musical leanings. There's no other scene like it in the world and it's a curious look for all of us on the outside who are still flustered with the lack of acceptance and appreciation of metal in our respective cultures and societies. So raise your horns and scroll through the gallery above as we count look at the 10 Best Finnish Metal Bands.

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