Over the past 20 years, no band has consistently made entertaining videos quite like Foo Fighters. Led by their dynamic frontman Dave Grohl, the band has earned platinum album sales and racked up Grammy Awards at an impressive rate. If that weren’t enough, they’ve enhanced many of their songs by creating engaging and entertaining music videos that resonate with fans years after they debut.

One of the most endearing aspect of Foo Fighters is their sense of humor. It’s refreshing that one of the biggest bands in the world is so willing to make fun of themselves and have a laugh. We stayed up late, poured over the band’s visual history and came up with our list of the 10 Best Foo Fighters Videos.

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    Directed by: Dave Grohl

    Foo Fighters took a focused, old-school approach to their album ‘Wasting Light,’ recording to tape in Dave Grohl’s garage. The video for 'Rope,' the first single, took on a similar aesthetic. Shot entirely on VHS tape, it shows the band performing inside a white cube located on a soundstage in Los Angeles. The confined space was designed to mimic Grohl’s garage, and it perfectly captures the intensity and raw energy that permeates throughout the song.

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    'Times Like These'

    Directed by: Mark Klasfeld

    There were two videos made for 'Times Like These,' but the No. 9 clip on our list goes to the U.S. version. The video was shot on the Mojave River Bridge in Victorville, Calif., and features the band performing on the ground below. A girl walks onto the bridge and tosses her GameBoy over the side. As the clip progresses, more and more people throw their belongings down towards the band members. The items continue building in size, until an entire house is dropped in the song’s finale. Entertaining, while also echoing a message on materialism, the video for 'Times Like These' is definitely a Foo Fighters mainstay.

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    'The One'

    Directed by: Jesse Peretz

    With the bro-mance between Dave Grohl and Jack Black peaking in 2002, the Foo Fighters recorded 'The One' for Black’s feature film 'Orange County.' Though the video includes clips from the movie, it’s own storyline is reminiscent of a different film, 'Fame.' The video showcases the Foos taking classes at a performing arts school, often with awkward and funny results. Specifically, Grohl studies acting, Taylor Hawkins tries his hand at violin, Chris Shiflett attempts ballet and Nate Mendel works on becoming a mime. In a somewhat ironic turn, this video proved to be far more memorable than 'Orange County.'

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    'The Pretender'

    Directed by: Sam Brown

    The Foos put on their serious faces for 'The Pretender' video shot inside of an airplane hangar. The band performs in front a giant red screen, and are confronted by gradually approaching riot police. As the song progresses, officers rush towards the group. The screen then explodes into a torrent of crimson liquid, overwhelming the police officers and bringing them to their knees. It’s a powerful and haunting visual, definitely deserving of a spot on our list of the 10 Best Foo Fighters Music Videos.

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    Directed by: Sam Jones

    The 1993 film 'Falling Down' was the inspiration behind this video. The movie stars Michael Douglas as a blue-collar worker whose frustration with society pushes him to random acts of violence. The 'Walk' music video follows a similar storyline, with Grohl taking on the lead role. Throughout the piece he faces off against a rude liquor store clerk, beats up would be muggers and attacks snobby golfers, all of whom are played by other members of the band. The finale features Grohl’s arrest and tasering, along with some lighthearted goofing around from his bandmates.

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    'Monkey Wrench'

    Directed by: Dave Grohl

    You get home from work, groceries in hand, only to find out that a rock band made up of doppelgangers has taken over your apartment. That’s the basis for the video for 'Monkey Wrench.' Grohl, Hawkins, and the rest of the group peer in through the peephole as their likenesses rock out on the other side of the door. The red apartment and fish-eye lens were instantly recognizable to any mid-'90s MTV fan and left a lasting image.

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    'Long Road to Ruin'

    Directed by: Jesse Peretz

    A classic case of the Foo Fighters at their comedic best, this spoof of a '70s soap opera features Rashida Jones as Racinda Jules, Dave Grohl’s love interest (or more specifically, Davy Grolton’s love interest, Grohl’s cheesy alter ego). The rest of the Foos fill in as Grolton’s castmates, fed up with his overdramatic emotions and diva-like ways. They spend much of the video making fun of the leading man, as he graces the cover of teen magazines and signs autographs for hordes of fans. It’s silly, over the top and hilarious. In essence, it’s everything we’ve come to love from the Foo Fighters.

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    'Big Me'

    Directed by: Jesse Peretz

    If you’re older than 25, you most likely remember the cheaply made Mentos commercials that populated TV sets. The acting was bad and the quality looked like they’d been shot on someone’s home camcorder. Still, they were so memorable that they inspired the Foo Fighters’ video for 'Big Me.' The Foos played the cheese to the perfect level and laughed their way to a Best Group Video VMA. The only downside to the clip's success was that fans began throwing Mentos at the band whenever they played the song live. Thankfully, that fad was short lived. The entertainment value of the video, however, lives on.

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    Directed by: Michel Gondry

    Freddy Krueger, you've met your match. In the classic Foo Fighters video 'Everlong,' Dave Grohl and his giant hand do battle with thugs who are invading his dreams and threatening his love interest, played by Taylor Hawkins in drag. The clip was an unforgettable companion to arguably the Foo Fighters greatest song, yet it's still beaten by one video on our list.

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    'Learn to Fly'

    Directed by: Jesse Peretz

    Cross-dressing, lots of laughs, the band playing multiple roles and a cameo from Tenacious D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass -- if there’s one clip that sums up the Foo Fighters’ music video career, it’s 'Learn to Fly.' Loosely based on the movie 'Airplane,' this zany flight features obese passengers, a teenage girl and a rambunctious crew, all capably portrayed by the Foos. The video earned the band a Grammy and 'Learn to Fly' also tops our list of the 10 Best Foo Fighters Music Videos.

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