The time has come to crown the best metal band of 2015 in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

This year saw established acts like Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Lamb of God and Queensryche continue to add to their legacies. Meanwhile, the legend of Ghost continued to grow in 2015, while bands like Between the Buried and Me and High on Fire once again made their marks on the metal world.

Let the debate continue and the comments fly! Start voting for the Best Metal Band of 2015 in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards after checking out the list of nominees below. Don't forget, you can keep voting every hour until the polls close on Dec. 1 at 8AM ET.

  • Ville Juurikkala


    Amorphis fuse together so many musical elements, creating some of the most compelling albums in metal. Their most recent disc, The Red Cloud, sees the band retain their old influences as always, with folk melodies never out of play. The band is still very much the same, utilizing similar riffs, just playing them differently as a new twist. Amorphis mix synth-laden atmosphere with gorgeous passages, both utilizing the duality of singer Tomi Joutsen.

  • Metal Blade

    Between the Buried and Me

    Describing their new album, Coma Ecliptic, as a rock opera, Between the Buried and Me released a cinematic piece that is among the best in extreme metal. Never afraid to be prideful in their influences, they make no secret about their adoration for acts like Queen and Frank Zappa, but manage to filter it all through their uniquely creative lens.

  • Cattle Decapitation

    Cattle Decapitation burst onto the scene with their debut album 15 years ago and have been feeding from the trough ever since. Of course, the trough is full of vegetables as the band have an aggressively vegan slant, condemning humanity and its fixation on the systematic slaughter of animals. The band's new album, The Anthropocene Exctinction, sees them blend slamming brutality with mind-bending technicality as the animalistic vocals graze off the death metal landscape.

  • Loma Vista


    Ghost, ever on the upswing, are quickly becoming one of the most sensational acts in rock. Meliora has seemingly been universally praised and the band up the ante live, bringing out one of the most enthralling stage setups you can ask for. Every aspect of the band is calculated for maximum efficiency and the tireless efforts of the collective are appreciated by all.

  • eOne

    High on Fire

    Never showing weakness, High on Fire delivered as expected. The band always ensures the highest quality, bringing crushing riffs, pummeling speed and expansive songwriting in each album. A lethal force live, High on Fire always manage to get a circle pit going, which is a fun exercise reserved for just the right bands. Luminiferous is sure to evoke more when the power trio hit the stage every night playing songs like "The Black Plot."

  • Epic

    Iron Maiden

    It had been half a decade sinceIron Maiden last gave us any new music, but The Book of Souls was worth the wait. Fans have been raving about the second era with Bruce Dickinson, but some still held hope for the band to return to writing quick and punchy songs again. Their wishes were granted with a number of faster songs, but Maiden still fleshed out the progressive proclivities with a few epics as well. More than 35 years after their debut, Maiden are still raising the bar.

  • Epic

    Lamb of God

    Lamb of God came back in a big way with VII: Storm und Drang. Their punishing groove and headbanging riffs are a perfect marriage with Randy Blythe's sinister howling running riot. Boasting one of the best drummers in metal, Chris Adler, Lamb of God continue to look unstoppable and unflappable. With the touring ramping up, these guys are a can't miss act on the road, giving on hell of a performance every night.

  • Century Media


    Looking towards the horizon, the sun is shining bright in the direction of progressive metal luminaries QueensrycheCondition Human should have every fan smiling as the band unleashed arguably their finest album since the mega-hit Empire. Highlighting the spectrum of their abilities, they harken back to their finest moments and still manage to sound current and relevant. With one of the most powerful singers out there in Todd La Torre, Queensryche are flawless live, pulling out the best of their catalog and some rarities each time.

  • Roadrunner


    Though Slipknot latest album came out last year, they've been a touring machine in 2015, leaving everything smoldering behind them. Looking more dominant than ever, the group seem to have a new energy in them and are keeping the fire burning high and bright. After dominating stages with summer headlining tour, the band recently delivered crushing sets at Aftershock Festival and their own Knotfest. There's no rest when you're on top of the metal world.

  • Century Media


    While we have no idea what to expect from Sweden's Tribulation after changing styles dramatically with each album, let's take the time to enjoy The Children of the Night. Death metal bent with gothic and occult rock, Tribulation are doing something completely unique. Throaty rasps drench the melodic and haunting playing, creating a spooky atmosphere of death.