Thank you Internet -- for you've helped keep the art of the music video alive. MTV, VH1 and the like may have branched off into other programming, but the lesser exposure of music videos on television hasn't hampered a number of metal acts from creating exceptional clips.

In the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards, our choices for the 10 Best Metal Videos of 2014 range from the most evil clips ever released to stylistic masterpieces to animated gems to hilarious side-splitters. If you love a great music video, be sure to vote for your favorite clip of 2014 in the poll below!

  • 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel'


    This black and white clip from Behemoth isn't just stylistically gorgeous, it's terrifying as well. The story of Satanic sacrifice and demonic transformation feels genuinely evil -- not an easy feat these days. If 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel' was somehow stretched out to 90 minutes, it would be the most horrifying film of the 21st century.

  • 'Kill or Become'

    Cannibal Corpse

    Cannibal Corpse is all about the gore, so for the zombie-inspired 'Kill or Become,' it only made sense to use everyone's favorite weapon against everyone's favorite horror foe. The grimy look of the clip makes the carnage feel even more gruesome.

  • 'All Those Delicate Cuts'

    Das Muerte

    Das Muerte's 'All Those Delicate Cuts' immediately reminds the viewer of 'Sin City' while practically besting the visual style of the cult film. It's got sex, violence and mysterious grit, succeeding in every way possible.

  • 'Sailor's Prayer'

    The Devil Wears Prada

    Based in puppetry, the cartoonish characters in the Devil Wears Prada's 'Sailor's Prayer' come off as strangely human -- even when actual humans are in the same shot. The clip's puppet protagonist yearns for his far-away love, counting down the days until his return to land. The video's end takes a heartbreaking twist, but we'll let you watch for yourselves.

  • 'Thirst' / 'Decayin' With the Boys'

    Every Time I Die

    Every Time I Die took a lighthearted approach while combining 'Thirst' with 'Decayin With the Boys.' 'Thirst' shows two best buds raising hell before heading to a ETID house party, while 'Decayin With the Boys' peers inside the rowdy show itself.

  • 'Now We Die'

    Machine Head

    'Now We Die' begins with creepy clowns playing violins while an old, bearded man sits uncomfortably nearby. A seemingly limitless cast of characters (none of which you'd like to find yourself face to face with) fill out the seven-minute video while the members of Machine Head play with fire, skulls and spikes.

  • 'The Motherload'


    'The Motherload' begins by parodying bleak metal music videos, but quickly turns into 'You Got Served.' The clip caused a bit of a stir, as various bloggers were fast to label Mastodon as sexist and chauvinistic, but it didn't stick, leaving us with a fun and unapologetic gem from the Georgia band.

  • 'I Live With Your Ghost'


    Menace's clip for 'I Live With Your Ghost' is an animated powerhouse showcasing the collision of two planets and the destruction and heartbreak which unfolds. You share each step with the main character, embarking on a journey as tripped-out as the song itself.

  • 'The Devil in I'


    Slipknot's 'The Devil in I' video is all about one's own destruction. How that destruction comes is different for each individual. 'The Devil in I' also acts as the reveal for Slipknot's '.5: The Gray Chapter' era masks.

  • 'Gloryhole'

    Steel Panther

    Steel Panther procured an heroic amount of "seed" in the 'Gloryhole' video, which is most definitely NSFW. Though there are some hot chicks in a few bathroom stalls, the rest are populated by frat boys, clowns, a multitude of religious figures and more.