We haven't had a new induction into the Death Match Hall of Fame for many months, but Between the Buried and Me have just earned their spot in our scared Hall with as track 'Lay Your Ghosts to Rest' won four straight battles.

Released on BTBAM's brilliant 2012 full-length, 'The Parallax II: Future Sequence,' the band only just released the music video for 'Lay Your Ghosts to Rest.' However, the track still resonates with fans as if it was blasted out this year.

Between the Buried and Me first defeated the Agonist to begin a trail to the Death Match Hall of Fame. Following that first victory, BTBAM took out Every Time I Die before laying waste to Origin. Finally, Betraying the Martyrs came close to defeating BTBAM, but the progressive metal titans were just too damn good.

We officially declare 'Lay Your Ghosts to Rest' as immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame. Congratulations to BTBAM! Stay tuned for two fresh tracks to enter our next Death Match!

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