Enjoy your faces while you still have them, because Between the Buried and Me's first single from their upcoming full-length, 'The Parallax II: Future Sequence,' is going to melt it off Indiana Jones-style.

The new BTBAM track 'Telos' picks up exactly where the band left off from their 2011 EP, 'The Parallax: Hypersleep Chronicles,' with their unique blend of spacey progressive rock, death metal and highly technical experimentation. Between the Buried and Me have been traveling through wormhole after wormhole since their fourth album, 'Colors' -- a single 64-minute-long song that dared to challenge the possibilities of what a "metalcore" band could do in terms of technical proficiency, genre crossovers and experimentation.

Acting as the second part of the band's 'Parallax' story, 'Future Sequence' promises to delve deeper into the characters first introduced in the 2011 EP. "The two main characters of the story take on a journey through space and time with the unenviable task of having to cure the flaws of humanity by any means necessary," begins guitarist Paul Waggoner. "While the EP served mostly as an introduction to the characters, Future Sequence contains the action of the story. The lyrics are written in the stream of consciousness style, which really helps to capture the perspective and emotion of the characters. We really enjoyed the challenge of writing this record, and I think we were all pleasantly surprised with how well the music and lyrics jived with one another."

Frontman Tommy Rogers adds, "I feel like we have created an album that perfectly mirrors the band we've been trying to create since day one. An album that has sounds that will stimulate many genres and music fans alike. A conceptual journey that takes the listener to worlds that seem familiar and worlds that make you scratch your head."

What are you doing still reading this article?! Check out Between the Buried and Me's new track 'Telos' in the player below! And see the full track list for 'The Parallax II: Future Sequence' below that.

Between the Buried and Me, 'Telos'
'The Parallax II: Future Sequence' Track List

1. Goodbye To Everything
2. Astral Body
3. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
4. Autumn
5. Extremophile Elite
6. Parallax
7. The Black Box
8. Telos
9. Bloom
10. Melting City
11. Silent Flight Parliament
12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise