Bill and Ted are returning to the screen for this first time since Bogus Journey debuted in 1991. To announce the sequel, both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter appeared at the Hollywood Bowl to address their fans.

Both Reeves and Winter have had busy careers since Bill & Ted. Reeves famously starred in the Matrix trilogy and John Wick films, while Winter had directed music videos, TV shows and successful documentary films.

The duo’s third film will be called Bill & Ted: Face the Music and in the new teaser, a summer 2020 release is scheduled. According to a Facebook post on the official Bill & Ted page, the exact target date is Aug. 21, 2020:

Though Wyld Stallyns may never play the Hollywood Bowl, the two-man band used the venue to announce the trilogy will be completed. “We want to say thank you, to you, the fans,” says Reeves.

“It looks like we might, actually, hopefully, make a movie this summer. Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music,” the duo announced together.

Both Bill & Ted movies have remained cult classics decades after they were successful at the box office, bringing in $40.5 million and $38 million during their respective cinematic runs.

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