Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is the latest to lend his celebrity to a PETA cause, urging the California Pizza Kitchen chain to stop using cheese suppliers that employ the barbaric practice of dehorning their calves.

Corgan, who has previously participated in PETA's Kentucky Fried Cruelty and Free Mali campaigns, has studied up on the methods used by viewing PETA's investigative video showcasing the cheese suppliers' procedures. His comments read as follows:

I have viewed the photos and watched PETA's investigative video of these procedures, and I was appalled to see young calves who struggled and writhed in pain as searing hot irons burned their heads. The industry has noted that the burns are so severe that they may damage the underlying bone. Other practices, which include using caustic chemicals to eat away at the horn-bud flesh via a chemical burn, are no better. … I strongly urge you to take immediate action to stop this unspeakable barbarism by requiring your suppliers to phase out dehorning.

PETA suggests that farmers could get around these methods by simply breeding naturally hornless or "polled" cattle. They note that several other companies have already taken steps to eliminate dehorning and they urge California Pizza Kitchen to follow suit.

Those interested in backing Corgan and PETA's desire to stop the dehorning process are urged to contact the company to let their feelings be known. For information on how to contact California Pizza Kitchen on the matter, click here.