Black Map have enjoyed a breakout year in 2017 and the group is looking to continue their momentum with their new single. The rockers have teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for "Ruin" (watch above).

Once you start watching the video, you'll sense that something sinister is afoot. Shot in black-in-white in a forested area, the action shifts between the band's members decked out in blood-dripping makeup and a half-man/half-crow wandering the woods dragging an axe.

"The lyrics are from the perspective of someone who thinks they see the world collapsing around them and wondering the whole time what the true nature of their reality is," says vocalist/bassist Benjamin Flanagan.

Of the Frank Door-directed clip, the singer continues, "When we shot the video it was important to have something with tension and unnerving to match the subject matter of the song. We shot the footage all in one long day at Mt. Davidson in San Francisco. The actor is a 6-year-old kid Frank found who got to run around the woods wielding an axe in a giant custom crow mask. This video will probably mark the only time in our career you will ever see anyone in Black Map wearing make up."

"Ruin" is featured on the band's new album In Droves, which was released back in March and has already spawned the recent radio single "Run Rabbit Run." Though the band is just starting out, Flanagan (Trophy Fire), guitarist Mark Engles (dredg) and drummer Chris Robyn (Far) all have a history in pervious rock acts. The disc is currently available in digital and physical formats.

Look for Black Map continuing their touring in support of the album with dates booked in August and another run of shows set for October. See all of their stops here.

Black Map