Ever think you'd see black metal at a televised fashion show or even on the nightly news? Here's 10 times metal's grimmest genre went mainstream.

One of the weirdest videos you’ll ever see on YouTube is Satyricon playing a massive fashion show in Norway. At the 2011 Moods of Norway show, the black metal veterans took the stage on nationwide television, performing brutal music as models walked the runway. It looks like a fever dream, but it’s actually real life.

Black metal has been used in commercials more than a few times. Taking the piss out of corpse paint and Satanic worship isn’t difficult, and it almost always works, like KFC’s ad for a spicy sandwich. A Finnish cough drop commercial is even funnier, turning a black metal frontman’s harsh vocals into operatic highs thanks to just one soothing lozenge.

Did you know Behemoth mainman Nergal was a judge on Poland’s version of The Voice? The musician and outspoken Satanist caused quite a commotion on television, becoming a target for political groups during the lead-up to Poland’s 2011 election. Nergal handled his position respectfully, however, mentoring young singers in their respective genres.

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