Black metal is dead serious … at least to kvlt warriors whose blood runs cold as ice. However, when the most committed corpsepainted soldiers aren't burning down churches or desecrating holy scripture, some turn to stand-up comedy!

If you're unfamiliar with the Necrosexual, there are a few essential facts you must know. His hobbies including crushing posers, drinking Franzia wine and interviewing some of metal's most grim musicians. Now that you've been formally introduced to the Necrosexual, you'll certainly want to check out his comedic stylings.

Backed up by keyboardist Paul (The Pagan Avenger) and drummer Myles (The Corpse Molester), the Necrosexual delivers a solid set. Topics covered by the black metal humorist include 'Forrest Gump,' petting zoos, how to make black metal s'mores + much more.

Watch the Necrosexual "kill" onstage in the video above!

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