For some, the wait for Black Sabbath's new album, '13,' has been an anxious and nail-biting experience, but thanks to Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, a fascinating new video from inside the band's studio offers a short fix to help ease the suffering. Joined in the studio by Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk and star producer Rick Rubin, the three original Black Sabbath members discuss '13,' with a notable resurgence of passion from the legendary metallers.

'13' has not yet received an official release date, but Black Sabbath have promised that the album will become available sometime this June. As if we weren't already excited enough, Sabbath's new inside look into the recording of '13' succeeds in amping up the fervor to new volumes. The three-minute teaser also delivers a sense of wisdom from the Sabbath members, with guitarist Tony Iommi stating, "You can't always repeat what you've done, you've just got to do on. It'll ['13'] be today's version of how it was 40 years ago, I suppose."

A total of 35 years has passed since Osbourne, Iommi and Butler headed into a recording studio together, but looking inside some of Sabbath's jam sessions, you get a feeling as if the group have simply picked up right where they left off. "For the longest time, drugs and alcohol were our friends, and at the end of the day, it destroyed us." says Osbourne. This Black Sabbath album is quite possibly the most important album of my career … I guarantee there is going to be a Black Sabbath album."

"We'll probably all be dead soon," declares bassist Geezer Butler, "so while we still can play and sing, then we've got to do it."

Check out this intriguing look into the making of Black Sabbath's upcoming album, '13,' below:

'An Inside Look At Black Sabbath in the Studio'