Black Sabbath have just started "The End" tour and fans are able to purchase a new compilation that features a mixture of four new songs along with some familiar live tracks. Now the four new tracks have surfaced online.

Above you can hear the track "Season of the Dead," a sludgy rocker that trudges along with Sabbath's signature heaviness. Below you'll hear the other three songs -- the raucous "Take Me Home," the dark and sinister sounding "Cry All Night" and the hard-hitting "Isolated Man."

When the band recorded their 13 album in 2013, they had four previously unheard studio tracks that they've now included on "The End" limited edition disc. The set also features live recordings of "God Is Dead?," "Under the Sun," "End of the Beginning" and "Age of Reason." The four unheard tracks feature Brad Wilk on drums, while Tommy Clufetos can be heard behind the kit on the live songs.

In addition to the disc, which is being sold at the band's tour stops, tour posters with artwork unique to each stop will allow fans to commemorate their final dates with a cool memento. To see when and where Black Sabbath are playing, click here.

Black Sabbath, "Take Me Home"

Black Sabbath, "Cry All Night"

Black Sabbath, "Isolated Man"

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