After postponing three Canadian dates on their "The End" world tour, Black Sabbath are back in action as sidelined singer Ozzy Osbourne has recovered from sinusitis and bronchitis. As promised, the band made their return in Tacoma, Wash., and performed a slightly abbreviated set to an undoubtedly relieved crowd.

The first news of Osbourne's illness came last week when Sabbath announced on Jan. 30 they would not be performing in Edmonton and Calgary. Three days later, they issued a second post declaring that they would have to strike the Vancouver date, as well. The following day, Sharon Osbourne discussed her husband's ailments on the CBS television program The Talk and definitively stated he would be back onstage in Tacoma after battling a combination of both sinusitis and bronchitis. Going on, she said, “To have a responsibility of performing with his band Black Sabbath, the crew, the fans, even the opening act, [he] just sat at home like this – waiting, waiting, waiting – and he feels that huge responsibility. He feels guilty for being sick.”

Despite the briefly truncated set, which excluded "Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes" and "God Is Dead?," Black Sabbath were still able to rip through 14 classics, including "War Pigs," "Iron Man," "Black Sabbath" and, for the first time on tour since the '70s, "Hand of Doom." Osbourne was his usual self onstage, jumping up and down and clapping, which can be seen in the video below.

Black Sabbath's farewell tour is currently booked through the end of September, though there have been reports it may carry over into 2017. As they say their goodbyes, there is still hope the band will record a follow-up to the massively successful 13, but the members are unable to come to an agreement whether this will happen or not. For now, Sabbath are satiated fans with a tour specific The End EP which includes four new songs from the 13 recording sessions that had never been previously released.

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