Nine out of 10 experts say exposing your kids to Black Sabbath at an early age can reduce the risk of teenage apathy and online twerking videos. We at Loudwire care about the next generation. After all, children are the future! Thus, we convinced some responsible parents that their children would get quite the education if they let us blast "The Wizard" into their impressionable ears.

You may have seen our 'Kids That Rock' segment featuring Judas Priest's title track from their 2014 full-length, Redeemer of Souls. Obviously, one song isn't going to save their young minds, so we went back to the very inception of heavy metal.

From Black Sabbath's self-titled debut album, "The Wizard" has been a crowd favorite for 45 years. That level of longevity is practically unprecedented, making it the perfect track to play for our captive audience of youths.

Once the kids had a moment to absorb "The Wizard," we asked them a few questions about the song's meaning. We started simple with, "Is the Wizard a good guy or a bad guy," before getting a little deeper with, "Why doesn't the Wizard talk?"

The answers we received point to a successful experiment, so watch this group of youngsters interpret another heavy metal anthem in our Black Sabbath 'Kids That Rock' video!

Kids That Rock: Judas Priest

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