What once was considered prank-worthy could actually come to fruition. Black Sabbath guitar great Tony Iommi reveals in a new interview that he's actually open to the idea of working with Welsh vocal icon Tom Jones at some point.

Back in 1988, Kerrang! suggested that the pair had actually collaborated on a concept album based on a mythical monster visiting a Welsh pit village. The story was fabricated as part of the magazine's April Fool's issue as a prank, but Iommi and Jones are friends who have actually discussed the idea of a collaboration taking place.

Iommi tells Classic Rock Magazine, "I've met Tom a few times. We were talking one day and he said, 'Did you ever see that thing in the press about me joining you guys?' I said, 'Yes, I did,' and he said, 'It's not a bad idea, is it?'"

The guitarist goes on to add, "I like Tom. He's good. I'd actually like to do something with him. It could work."

Jones has made a career out of singing popular tracks in a number of different styles. Some of his biggest hits have included 'It's Not Unusual,' 'What's New Pussycat,' 'She's a Lady' and a cover of the Prince song 'Kiss.' He's also been a popular performer on the Las Vegas casino circuit for years.

While it's unknown if the Iommi/Jones collaboration will ever come to pass, it is an interesting idea especially given Iommi's explorations into other types of music in recent years. Iommi penned the more melodic and lighter track 'Lonely Planet' for Dorians as part of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

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