Metalcore vets Blessthefall dropped their fifth full length, To Those Left Behind, in 2015 and have been touring relentlessly behind the record, which landed at No. 32 on the Billboard 200 upon its release. They'll be back onstage starting next week and have released a music video for "Dead Air" ahead of the tour.

Premiering at MakingStarWars, the band pays homage to the legendary film series, flashing between performance clips in a dimly lit, abandoned concrete warehouse, illuminated by gaps in the walls and blinking lights and a narrative of two desert-faring characters fleeing a common enemy.

Walking side by side, a man and woman are chased down by a pair of rapidly advancing assailants. As they reach the motorcycle in the distance, the man hands the woman a strange cube with a gleaming gem placed in the center of a gear wheel on one of its six faces. Tearing through the sands with great haste, the man takes off, leaving the woman to roam the sands alone. In the end, the two reunite with the object still in tow.

"'Dead Air' is a very cinematic and emotional song, so we wanted the music video to really represent that," said singer Beau Bokan. "Our director, Mathis Arnell, knocked it out of the park. Most of the band are huge Star Wars fans so the Rogue One themed music video was a no brainer!"

Catch Blessthefall on the road starting March 3 as they provide direct support for Memphis May Fire. Rounding out the bill is The Color Morale, Sylar and Bad Seed Rising, and all stops can be found here.

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