Arizona metalcore band Blessthefall have been trekking around in support of their latest album effort ‘Hollow Bodies.’ Although the band is currently touring in Europe, they completely crushed the States with a headlining run earlier this year.

We recently had the chance to chat with guitarist Eric Lambert about life on the road as well as the band’s latest disc, ‘Hollow Bodies.’ He also shared his love for Blink-182 and how their music inspired his passion for playing live. Lambert even revealed that Blessthefall may start working on new material after all of their current touring wraps up.

Eric, what is your favorite part about being on the road? What are your pet peeves with touring life? 

My favorite part of being on the road is seeing all of our friends from all over the world.  Over the years we have made so many great friends and it’s rad that we continually get to see them. The only downfall is being away from loved ones ... and maybe not showering every day.

If there was one band you could tour with that you haven’t gotten a chance to go out on the road with yet, who would it be and why? 

Definitely Blink-182. I can speak for all of us when I say that’s one of our favorite bands and we would probably watch them every single night!

Talk about ‘Hollow Bodies’ – what does the title mean to you personally? It’s really a turning point in the mindset of the band. 

We had a lot of aggression to get out and that’s how this record came about. There are too many fake faces in our industry and we felt the need to speak up about it.

How was the overall creative process for you? 

It ruled. Elliott [Gruenberg] and I really had a fun time writing the record without worrying about some crazy deadline. It really helped us bring the songs to life and made sure every member was stoked on every single part of the album. I wouldn’t change a thing on it.

What about who you are as a musician and person today can we hear on this new album? 

We all like different types of music and I think you can see that on the record. We don’t write the type of music we write because we think it’s what the “cool kids” are doing. We try and bring out the poppy, ambient, pissed off and sad sides of music because we are a diverse group of musicians.

For you personally, were there any tracks that were especially significant or your favorite during the recording process?

‘Open Water' was by far my favorite to record. It was one of those songs that I knew it wouldn’t be complete until we got into the studio and really experimented with it. The funny thing is our label thought it was a “filler” track until they heard the final version.

Did you go to shows as a kid? Was there one in particular that made you want to be in a band?

It wasn’t necessarily a show I went to that made me want to be in a band but a show I played. My friends had to play a school talent show and asked me if I wanted to partake in covering ‘Dammit’ by Blink-182. I told them I had no idea how to play guitar but they were very persistent on teaching me the chords. We ended up playing the talent show and all of our friends rushed the stage when we were done (straight out of a high school movie, haha!) and from that moment on I knew that that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

What does the rest of 2014 hold in store for Blessthefall

Tour, tour, tour, and tour! We are so stoked to play these new songs all over the world and share with everyone all of our hard work.  Maybe we will start writing towards the end of the year.

With all of this touring, what is one thing you must bring on tour with you? No electronics, what makes this your must have on the road? 

Pictures of loved ones from back home. It reminds me of why I am where I am in my life and makes me grateful for everything that I have.

Our thanks to Blessthefall guitarist Eric Lambert for the interview. You can pick up the band's 'Hollow Bodies' album at this location.