Blood Incantation, the underground's favorite cosmic death metal band over the last decade, have just announced their new album Absolute Elsewhere along with a new app and Discord server. It's the next move in a lineage of no-bounds endeavors and it's about as hype as death metal can get.

Formed in Denver, Colorado in 2011, Blood Incantation generated buzz with a crop of demos and a 2015 EP, releasing their Starpsawn debut full length in 2016. Experimental in nature, the band's catalog is lined with exhaustive song runtimes as well as efficient ones, best expemplified on the 2019 standout Hidden History of the Human Race.

Keen on atmosphere, the band went full-tilt with the 2022 ambient EP Timewave Zero and now Absolute Elsewhere promises two new tracks clocking in over 20 minutes each.

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But what's the death with this app and Discord server? Learn more about all that's going on with Blood Incantation below.

About Blood Incantation's 'Elsewhere Searcher' App

On a mobile device, the Elsewhere Researcher app brings you to an early-internet looking screen with limited menu options. By enabling certain permissions, you can tilt your device (which will show your camera view) and toggle between seeing a map overlay of constellation and star points.

Below, the camera was titled toward a white ceiling.

Screenshot of Blood Incantation's Elsewhere Researcher app showing stars and constellation points
Elsewhere Researcher

When focusing on a red marker on the map, the line across the screen begins to vibrate and lo-fi audio recordings (presumably bits of the new album) can be heard.

Screenshot of Blood Incantation's Elsewhere Researcher app showing stars and constellation points
Elsewhere Researcher

About Blood Incantation's 'Stargate Research Society' Discord

The Stargate Research Society discord server is a communal place for fans to discuss all things Blood Incantation and, particularly, their findings using the Elsewhere Researcher app.

A press release states:

Researchers at the society recently unearthed an 80’s era floppy disk containing vintage celestial tracker software. The researchers were able to re-activate the space tracker and through meticulous study of the visible solar system have noticed the appearance of a new red planet in the vicinity of Orion's Belt. The researchers also claim that the new planet is intermittently emitting signals, although no recordings of these transmissions have been captured yet. The society has made their research available to the public in an effort to warn citizens of the planet’s rapid approach toward Earth, with a possible collision occurring in October 2024.

Join Blood Incantation's Stargate Research Society Discord server.

About Blood Incantation's New Album Absolute Elsewhere

"Absolute Elsewhere is our most potent audial extract/musical trip yet; like the soundtrack to a Herzog-style Sci-Fi epic about the history of/battle for human consciousness itself, via a 70s Prog album played by a 90s Death Metal band from the future," boasts guitarist/vocalist Paul Riedl.

The album's name was taken directly from a '70s prog band of the same name. That band's 1976 album In Search of the Ancient Gods served as a large influence.

Absolute Elsewhere was produced by Arthur Rizk (Kreator, Power Trip, Spectral Voice, Sumerlands) at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin, Germany.

The album comes out Oct. 4 on Century Media. View the artwork and track listing below.

Blood Incantation, 'Absolute Elsewhere' album cover
Century Media

1. "The Stargate" (20:20)
2. "The Message" (23:23)

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