At Louder Than Life 2022, Indian folk metal band Bloodywood played their first ever show in America! After absolutely crushing the stage, the guys sat down for an interview to talk about their music, touring the United States and where to get the best pancakes.

This year, Bloodywood released their sophomore album, Rakshak, to massive praise. One of the standout singles, “Dana Dan,” is an anthem for survivors of sexual assault, all about beating down men who violate others. The video’s comment section is filled with folks who have felt empowered by the song, and vocalist Raoul Kerr and guitarist Karan Katiyar have been moved by fans’ comments.

“When we hear people bare their souls in those comment sections, just pour their hearts out, it just inspires us to try even harder,” Kerr says. “One of the reasons we do what we do is because we believe that music can change the world. Comments like that, people sharing their stories and experiences, empowering each other, starting conversations in the comments section, there’s nothing more you can ask for.”

“It’s always such a positive space to be in,” Katiyar adds. “That’s what I do when I’m feeling down, I just go through the comments.”

“I do that too sometimes!” Kerr jumped in.

When it comes to mixing metal with traditional Indian music, Katiyar believes it’s a natural fit. “Metal is the most accepting genre of music. It’s amazing that our cultural music fits so well with it … Right now is the time to do it, because everyone is surprisingly very accepting.”

Finally, we had to give Raoul Kerr and Karan Katiyar an essential piece of American advice for their travels across this great land. We let the guys know, although IHOP and (WTFIU) Denny’s are both solid choices to grab some pancakes, they had to visit the GOATs — Original Pancake House.

“We were actually introduced to the Master Tour app for the first time in this tour,” Kerr says. “We’re just gonna tell our tour manager to put it in there — Original Pancake House.”

“Original Pancake House, we’re coming!” Katiyar exclaimed.

Watch our full interview with the guys from Bloodywood below. The band is currently touring America on their Nine Inch Naans tour, so click here to see if they’re coming to your town.

We Told BLOODYWOOD Where to Get the Best Pancakes!

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