Body Count have been hitting homeruns in everything they've been releasing, and they're keen on continuing the streak. Today, Ice-T and company have unleashed a video for "Here I Go Again" off their most recent crusher of an album, Bloodlust.

The video is one of the darkest the band has put out. Ice-T plays an insane murderer, unsure of his actions. He tries to remember what he did, slowly putting together the pieces to his recent crimes and the violence he committed. The visuals get more sinister, shots of Ice stalking an old woman, and then immediately cutting to a pile of mismatched body parts in a huge pile. The level of brutality he commits starts to drive himself even crazier, as he turns the sights of his terror on himself. He spends the rest of the video inflicting all kinds of carnage on himself, stabbing himself with scalpels and bleeding out in every direction. It's arguably the band's most violent video to date, probably running up an incredibly high fake blood budget.

It's a great followup to what we've already seen from the Body Count. Earlier this year, we premiered the band's controversial and powerful video for "No Lives Matter," a video centered on Ice and the his bandmates, with his message being the main attraction of the visuals. Bloodlust itself is a whirlwind of energy and power, diving into both Ice-T's personal issues and feelings, as well as the larger cultural landscape we all currently live in. "Here I Go Again" plays a lot with the fantastical and campy, an overblown gorefest that'll gross out your parents, but it creates a powerful contrast to the very concrete violence found on the album.

Violence has remained a constant through the band's career. Last month they released an animated video for "The Ski Mask Way," detailing a crime-ridden world and the violence people are willing to commit in order to get paid. Overall, these songs have been linked by being unrelenting, killer metal tracks that blend pissed-off riffs and Ice-T's lyricism to a powerful harmony.

See the video for 'Here I Go Again" above!

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