Bon Jovi will release their 2020 album in 2020, despite having to delay it earlier in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band just announced an Oct. 2 street date for the record via Island Records, and the extra time has allowed the group to revise the track listing for the album.

The set was initially scheduled for May 15, but with some major events happening this year, two songs inspired by the global pandemic and the racial equality movement inspired by George Floyd's death have now been added to the album.

The first of those songs, "Do What You Can," was introduced earlier this year with Jon Bon Jovi inviting fans to contribute lyric ideas after presenting them with a piece of the song. The track's primary focus was to speak to the human desire to step up in a time of need. Jon Bon Jovi himself stepped up as the pandemic began, spending his initial quarantine days feeding those in need at his JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant in Red Bank, N.J.

The singer performed the final version of "Do What You Can" acoustically during the Jersey4Jersey benefit, which raised $6 million for the state's pandemic relief efforts. Now, the official studio version has been released as a single, and there's a lyric video for the track that can be viewed below.

The other new addition to the track listing is the song "American Reckoning" that was penned in the aftermath of George Floyd's death and was released earlier this summer. “I am a witness to history,” said the singer. “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.” "American Reckoning" can be heard here.

The album artwork and revised track listing for the 2020 album can be seen below. For those wishing to pre-order the set ahead of the Oct. 2 release, head here.

Bon Jovi, "Do What You Can"

Bon Jovi, 2020 Album Artwork + Revised Track Listing

Island Records
Island Records

Do What You Can
American Reckoning
Beautiful Drug
Story of Love
Let It Rain
Lower the Flag
Blood in the Water
Brothers in Arms

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