This new track from Bone Cutter, “My Dead Wife Is a Cat (Meow),” sounds even crazier than its title. From members of Heavy Heavy Low Low, Bone Cutter’s fresh piece of mathcore insanity comes with a new video where the apocalypse meets fun times at the beach.

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of “My Dead Wife Is a Cat (Meow),” the second single from Bone Cutter’s upcoming self-titled EP. In under two minutes, the chaotic and surrealist song goes through more movements than a symphony, unapologetically throwing conventional songwriting structures to the sharks.

With respect, the band took inspiration for “My Dead Wife Is a Cat (Meow)” from the 2011 Japanese tsunami, along with the myriad of reactions from opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean.

“Our initial meet-up to start the primordial drafting of what would become Bone Cutter coincided with the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Safely in the studio, through the broadcasted eye of a news helicopter, we watched the final frantic fleeing of cars and the all-consuming black maritime muck,” HHLL bassist Andrew Fritter explains. “The severity of fear, no time to plan, the abandonment of some to save others, and the deletion of the individual. Respectfully, we attempted to inhale unfortunate experiences and exhaled a sonic interpretation of the feelings behind some of life's most frightening moments. Our attempt can be heard in ‘My Dead Wife Is a Cat,’ the first song we wrote as Bone Cutter.”

He continues, “Energy from the tsunami had rebounded, traveled across the pacific ocean, and caused a flooding event in the harbor of Santa Cruz, CA. While riding the bus the next day, I overheard a person complaining about how their boat had been scratched during the event. I remember thinking about the juxtaposition of a damaged boat compared to the total destruction of a city. I created the video for ‘My Dead Wife Is a Cat’ as a surrealist attempt to convey the onset of disillusionment in the face of a catastrophe.”


Watch the exclusive premiere of Bone Cutter’s “My Dead Wife Is a Cat (Meow)” in the video player above and click here to pre-order the band’s self-titled EP, which drops April 23.

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