Poison are putting a real thorn in its touring plans after The Stadium Tour wraps this September. Though the '80s hair metal act has been enjoying a real uptick from the exposure of the massive national trek, appearing nightly alongside headliners Def Leppard and Motley Crue, it may be another three years before you can see them onstage again.

Speaking to radio host Eddie Trunk for his SiriusXM show, "Trunk Nation" on August 1, frontman Bret Michaels explained, "I'm just saying '25 is probably when Poison will put a humongous world tour together and go back out and be incredible. And it'll be awesome."

You could give the guy a pass for needing a break after the 36-date, three-month Stadium Tour. Michaels, who is diabetic, was even hospitalized early on in the trek reportedly due to a reaction to "bad medication," forcing Poison to miss the Nashville date.

But, in fact, he has other plans. As Michaels told Trunk, there is a Party Gras tour to get to. Yes, the Party Gras. Originally planning it for 2022, before knowing that the The Stadium Tour would be pushed back by two years due to the pandemic, the party will now kick off in 2023.

"With everything going on in the world, we didn't know if The Stadium Tour was gonna go [ahead]. I prayed every day — I'm, like, 'I hope this goes. I've been waiting since '20,'" Michaels told Trunk. "But for me, this year we were gonna do the Party Gras Tour. I put together something incredible, and now we're gonna launch that in '23. And when I tell you what this is and the way we've designed it with everybody, it's an incredible amphitheater tour that's just gonna be ... I think it's gonna be insane and gonna be the 'all thriller, no filler' summer party. And you'll know what I mean when it hits the stage. It's really an exciting idea."

Elaborating further, Michaels explained that the Party Gras Tour will be focused on his solo band, but there might be some surprises with additional acts lined up. "This would be my own band, in '23," he affirmed. "We know [who the other acts are]; we just don't wanna say it yet. ... Like I said, it's all-thriller, no-filler, all-original-singer, nothing but hits that just is gonna roll. Truly when I use the words 'nothing but a good vibe' or 'nothing but a good time,' it is gonna be that kind of night. And we're only pick select dates in all the amphitheaters, Live Nation amphitheaters, and then take it out to the festivals and everything along with it."

Party on, Bret.

The Stadium Tour is happening now through September 9. Get tickets here.

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