Bret Michaels debuted his new video for the title track of his new upcoming solo disc ‘Get Your Rock On.’

The video for the rock anthem, seen below, is a montage of live video footage filmed during Michaels’ 2011 / 2012 solo tour and features everything you’d expect in a Bret Michaels video – lovely ladies, crowd participation, and enough sexual innuendo to power a small village, including the song's chorus, ‘To get your rocks off baby, you gotta get your Rock On.

The cowboy hat-wearing, bandana-sporting rocker has never been one to shy away from a a good time and this video clocks in at a little more than three minutes of non-stop party.

The recording of ‘Get Your Rock On’ has a few special guest stars, including Def Leppard’s Phil Collen and Sal Coz Costa of My Darkest Days. Several other songs on the disc follow suit with appearances from all walks of life from Ace Frehley to Jimmy Buffet and Loretta Lynn. Read more about the star-studded cast here.

'Bret Michaels and Friends: Get Your Rock On' is due out later this summer with the title track available at digital outlets now. Catch Bret performing live on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ this Thursday (June 7).

Watch the Bret Michaels 'Get Your Rock On' Video