Fuel are gearing up to release their new disc ‘Puppet Strings’ on March 4 featuring the recorded return of vocalist Brett Scallions.

Scallions left Fuel in 2006, with a version of the band featuring guitarist Carl Bell and singer Toryn Green releasing an album in 2007 and touring through 2010. Then, an incarnation of the band featuring Scallions started to tour in 2010. The new album will be the first Fuel disc in 10 years to feature Scallions on vocals.

“Rock and roll is very much alive and well on this album,” shared Scallions about 'Puppet Strings.' Describing the sound of the disc as “anthemic rock inspired by the punk records of the band’s youth,” Fuel debuted their brand new song ‘Yeah!’ over on GuitarWorld.com today, check it out here.

“We were simply trying to write the best songs we possibly could,” Scallions said about the writing process for ‘Puppet Strings.’ “With Andy and Brad, I found the unity I’d always craved.”

Scallions described his return to Fuel as a necessary one. “When I left Fuel I was miserable. It didn't feel much like a band anymore. Unity was nonexistent,” he explained. “Singing with Ray (Manzarek) and Robby (Krieger) opened a whole new perspective on music and life for me. I realized how much music is truly all about freedom and not being confined to formats or singles.”

A reinvigorated Fuel is planning to hit the road in 2014 in support of ‘Puppet Strings’ for more info, visit the band’s official website.

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