Former Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch is not only an acclaimed author and motivational speaker, but he can still bring the rock. He has been touring with RED in support of his new single ‘Paralyzed’ off of his upcoming EP due out next year.

Welch starts 'Paralyzed' off by eerily yet melodically singing, “Why is my love so cold? / No more will I pretend / Gasping for air as you're slipping through my fingers / Don't kiss me goodbye / Please don't leave here.”

In a press release, Welch says, "To me, ‘Paralyzed’ symbolizes being stuck and unable to move forward in life. Everybody can relate to that in some way.”

‘Paralyzed’ is a track that shows off Welch’s talent both lyrically and musically with a deep message and his layered vocals which goes from.

In the appealing chorus, Welch sings, “I'm dying inside (knowing it's my fault) / Crying with my (fist against the wall) / Can't get away / I swear I'm gonna break / I'm paralyzed / I need you now.”

Welch explains that the lyrics in the chorus are "a cry for help to the one person we love the most and totally trust to help pull us out of our despair."

Listen to Brian ‘Head’ Welch, ‘Paralyzed’