Bring Me the Horizon have launched a website that will deliver a customized T-shirt based on one's Spotify listening habits of the band. Called "Amo in Color," the colorful merch generator lets the listener pick six favorite songs from the band's recent album Amo in illustrating the personalized garment.

It uses those six selections in combination with one's previous Bring Me the Horizon listening history on Spotify to generate the made-to-order T-shirt, which takes the act's hexagram symbol and gives it a particular hue based on the data. Should the listener not already have tracks by the English rockers logged on Spotify, only the six volunteered options are used to amass the depiction. Of course, one must elect to connect the app to Spotify in order for "Amo in Color" to work. See some screenshots of the site down toward the bottom of this post.

There are over 10 possible color outcomes, as The Verge reported Monday (Oct. 14), with some combinations being more common than others. The app utilizes a music intelligence platform called the Echo Nest to "analyze the loudness and energy" of one's Bring Me the Horizon listening history and song choices. For those without a Spotify account, listeners may connect solely with email and input their song choices to generate a design.

"Amo in Color" only analyzes one's listening history with Bring Me the Horizon, not their general Spotify history. Still, it requires the user to hand over their email address and other Spotify data to Sony Music Entertainment, the band's parent record label. (A Billboard article from earlier this year called into question record labels' practices of tracking listener data on music streaming services such as Spotify.)

Interested? Get down with a customized BMTH "Amo in Color" T-shirt here.

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