Buckcherry are working on their latest album and offered not one but two video diaries of the process. The band provided an in-depth, keyhole look at the crafting of songs. They didn't hide some of the frustrations and arguments that are a result of making music with other creative people. This footage makes you feel like part of the gang.

In the first video update, titled 'Pre-Production,' the band explains that this is the part of the process where you play songs over and over, dissecting them until you get them right. Heavily tattooed singer Josh Todd reveals that the band has "17 really good songs." Everyone is in good spirits and contributing, abiding by the ethos that they want to make a record that "you can put on and leave on. You don't have to touch it." In essence, Buckcherry are about albums as complete pieces, not singles.

In the second update, dubbed 'Envy,' things aren't quite so hunky dory. The creative period is intense, and the rockers share the escalating tension with the camera. "There is always a song during our record making process that is a thorn in our side," says Todd, who is bummed out by the way this particular song 'Envy' is turning out, calling it "way too happy."

The song is in its fourth or fifth incarnation at this point and there appears to be some frustration and friction among members regarding their vision for the tune. Here, Buckcherry have fearlessly pulled back the curtain to let fans take a look. While fans normally only get to enjoy the final product, you can accompany the band on its journey to achieve that end result here.

Things get a little heated, mid-session, with Todd suggesting his bandmates channel the conversational fury into their playing and instead attack their instruments. What a suggestion!

Despite the boiling tensions, the payoff is the song, which they appear happy with at the end. "We hated this song for a while, now it's fun," Todd said.

Watch Buckcherry 'Pre-Production' Studio Update
Watch Buckcherry 'Envy' Studio Update