We're just a few days away from getting the new Bullet for My Valentine album Venom, but there's one more song that will get an early preview from the band. The group just unleashed an audio clip for their new track "Playing God" from the album.

As you can hear, the song follows in the aggressive rock vein that we've heard from the other new tracks on Venom. It's a propulsive rocker that features some killer double kick drumming from Michael "Moose" Thomas. "Playing God" follows on the heels of "Army of Noise," the current single "You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)" and the initial preview track "No Way Out."

Recently speaking with Full Metal Jackie, Bullet for My Valentine's Matt Tuck stated, "I think on this new album especially we’ve done something a little bit special, for some reason. I don’t know why, if feels special for some reason. It’s the strongest album we’ve done. Hopefully it is a record like that, like many people regard our first album. I think this one is a little bit more in keeping of that and it has a little bit more of that timeless feel. Hopefully we’ve done what we needed to do."

He adds about the aggressive nature of the disc, "We just wanted to keep it who we were. We didn’t want it to be over the top in any respect, musically, lyrically or vocally. We always wanted it to sound like a Bullet record, we just wanted it to be dark and aggressive. So we know our limitations and identity and how we need and should sound. It wasn’t too hard to keep things reigned in. I think the balance we got between the energy, the aggressiveness and darkness of lyrical content and the way the melodies are, I think we got the balance just right because it still sounds like us. But it’s definitely the most aggressive and darkest sounding record we’ve ever done."

You can pre-order Bullet for My Valentine's Venom album via Amazon or iTunes.

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