Bullet for My Valentine released their latest album, Venom, in August, and now they've just unleashed the video for the title track. Rather than go with a traditional performance video, Bullet for My Valentine teamed up with director Stuart Birchall for a conceptual piece.

As you can see in the video above, the band's performance shots are interspersed with a story of two women approaching a house that quite possibly has a few ghosts hanging around. Birchall told Yahoo, who premiered the stylish-looking video, “Working with Bullet is a real pleasure. It is important for me to connect with the artist, their music and establish trust creatively. After our first video I was very keen to continue the journey of the characters we established in taking the narrative in a fresh direction. The band and management were behind this 100%. We discussed taking a more cerebral tone with a darker subtext. Maeve O Connell (DOP) and myself wanted to take the cinematography in a different direction stylistically and the cast were all very keen to continue the story and journey we had started together."

The director added, "It really is a great feeling when the plans comes together, the crew across the board were all amazing with special mention to Jamie Whymark (Kode Media) for fighting to keep the vision on track. We hope this video takes people back to enjoy part 1 (‘You Want a Battle, Here’s a War’) again and of course I left room for a finale!”

Even though Venom has been out a few months, these are busy times for the band. The group is in the midst of a European trek. They have a new digital EP arriving tomorrow. And now there's the Venom video to promote, as well. Look for the band on tour at these stops.