‘Baby Come Home,’ the latest single from Bush, is a lyrically thought-provoking tune served up perfectly with those delicious signature Gavin Rossdale vocals and weighty guitar tones. Not to mention an infectious chorus you’ll have committed to memory before the song even ends.

While the lyrics allow a lot of room for personal interpretation, this song does offer up the defining line that coined the title for their latest album, 'The Sea of Memories,' with the lyric “I lost myself to the sea of memories / I lost myself to irreverent dreams / I lost myself when I first met you / lost myself more than I ever knew."

Waxing nostalgic, the song seemingly touches on those pesky notes of regret that always creep in with an eruption of visually driven lyrics, “I ask myself what I think of this moment / I ask myself if I let you down / I can’t believe that you’re in my system / I can’t believe that you’re in my arms / Shall we dance before the ambulance comes / Shall we let the rain fall over us / Shall we sing a settlement song / Should have been who I was all along.”

The mid-tempo rocker is a good indication that Bush still have what it takes to thrive in the ever-changing world of rock. Bush found their footing in the genre in the early '90s, so when the band returned in 2011 with 'The Sea of Memories', their first studio album in 10 years, people wondered where they’d fit into today’s musical landscape.

Maintaining the sound that made people fall in love with them in the first place while giving it a modern twist, Bush have proven that they will be around as long as they want to be.

Listen to Bush, 'Baby Come Home'