Earlier in the year it was looking like Bush might have a new album out toward the end of this year, but in a new chat with Heavy Magazine (heard below), Gavin Rossdale reveals it's taking a little longer to finish up.

"It's really close [to being finished]," the singer reveals. "I thought we'd be done by now. We're just going through the mixes and a couple of last bits and pieces. But nothing is far away. All the songs are chosen, and the band's done [recording its parts]. There's a few pieces from… the producer wants to put a couple of things on things. And I'm going back this weekend to just… a couple of technical things — re-sing some lines that got broken or something."

Rossdale continues, "I thought we'd be ready by now. But it'll definitely be ready in time for the [Australian] tour [in April 2020]. There won't be too many [songs in the set list] from the new record, but I think it'd be nice to pepper three or four in there and see how it goes."

The singer has been working with producer Tyler Bates, best known for his work on film scores while also playing as part of Marilyn Manson's band in recent years. "It's really been a revelation. I've never really written with anybody for Bush, and this is the first time. I did go in to write with him for something and we didn't know quite what it was, but musically and socially we fell into something that was like a musical brothers in arms," Rossdale told us earlier this year. "He's really such a kindred spirit, and he's just such a talented motherfucker. He's just so musical and it's really fun because I think the shorthand we have, we've worked very fast."

The new album is titled The Mind Plays Tricks on You, and Rossdale told us earlier this year that it comes from a line in the upcoming song "Undone." He further explains, "No one really tortures ourselves like ourselves. Whether it be social media, our career, advertising is based on our decisions, and there's a lot of things angled against us that's always telling us we should probably be in more trouble than we possibly are. Depression is so much rooted in fear of the future and fear of the past and the repercussions, but the good news is that nobody really gives a shit. You are generally okay and don't have to be so worried about things."

The singer has been spending the summer on the "ALT-IMATE" tour with Live and Our Lady Peace, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band's Sixteen Stone debut album. Earlier this year, Bush released a new song called "Bullet Holes" that played over the end credits of the third John Wick movie. The group currently has dates booked through October, with a break at the end of the year before picking up again in Australia in April of 2020.

Bush's Gavin Rossdale Speaks With Heavy Magazine

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