It's been 17 years since Bush stormed our world with their gazillion-selling debut 'Sixteen Stone.' Ths band was often criticized as Nirvana-lite and dismissed by critics who felt someone as genetically blessed as singer Gavin Rossdale couldn't effectively sell grunge angst.

However, the group retains its signature sonics on 'The Sound of Winter,' its new single from the upcoming album, 'The Sea of Memories.' The disc will be Bush's first new offering in a decade. But it's not like we're stuck in an 1994 alt-rock time warp, either.

'The Sound of Winter' is a little gloomy, a bit moody, but it still bites with razor sharp teeth. The song starts out with a little string-generated tension, before Rossdale swoops in, singing, "Mind strong / Body strong / Trying to find equilibrium," wasting no time telling us he is in the midst of some sort of internal dilemma. The tension builds from the verse to chorus, then retreats, only to build again. This is what Bush have always done well; while it may not have won them critical favor, it did resonate with the millions of fans who bought their records.

In the chorus, Rossdale sings "Hang onto yourself" over a crunchy riff, positioning Bush as more rock and less alternative at this point in their impressive career.

Even though it's not a retread or a throwback, 'The Sound of Winter' could veritably have been penned during the 'Sixteen Stone' sessions, as it has that timber and tone. However, Rossdale and crew infuse it with volts of energy that feel modern.

You can nab 'The Sound of Winter' at iTunes. 'The Sea of Memories' hits stores Sept. 13.

Listen to Bush, 'The Sound of Winter'